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Shaakha Pola is being brought to you at your fingertips. Shaakha — the quintessential conch shell bangles worn by married Bengali women across the world. It is considered as an auspicious symbol of wedded bliss and its longevity.

Important to be worn during religious festivals and weddings is usually paired with coral red bangles.

Pola is a traditional red bangle set paired with white conch shell bangles. It is considered as a sign of purity and marital bliss of married women in eastern parts of India.

We have the most commonly worn sizes available in different designs


1 review for Shaakha Pola

  1. Priyanka

    The shankha was extremely well fit and perfect. They were just what I imagined and really happy to get it on time. Even more thankful to Soulsouk for listening to my needs and shipping it on time.. packaging was perfect, communication with Soulsouk was extraordinary. I want to comment you are doing an excellent job. These are not just bangles. These are emotions for me. Thanks and keep up the great work

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