Our Journey

Soul Souk – It took quite some brainstorming to come up with an apt name for our business where we knew, we would be providing goods close to a buyer’s heart.

“Souk” is an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar…..

Hence SOUL SOUK – a market close to your heart!

Soul Souk is wholly owned by Meera Fabrics Incorporated. We came into existence in 2019 primarily, as an importer and wholesale dealer in various fabrics for commercial and fashion use. We have been suppling cotton, linen, polyester and Embroidery High Fashion fabric to various small and big fabric retailers in and around the GTA.

One of our Directors leading the Fabric division of our business has over 45 years of experience in Fabric Manufacturing (Fibre to Finished Fabric) with various leading organizations in India.

We have expanded our primary product offering to Cotton Bed Linen (Flat Sheets + Pillow Covers) in beautiful and vibrant colors and designs to add that new look to your bedrooms.

At the same time, we have decided to add a divine touch to our business by including Puja items as well as various products used for Indian weddings, festivals and other religious ceremonies.

Soul Souk, in the Durham Region, strives to provide all with their fabric, bed linen and Indian essentials very close to home.

We are the hub for all desi essentials and local fabric needs in Durham region!